London Fashion Week Friday

18th September, 2011

London Fashion week kicked off this Friday and it had to be one of the busiest days I have had in a long time. As I said in my last post that I am currently interning at Christopher Raeburn so I did not get a chance to snoops that much around somerset house as I was one busy intern.

So as I spent my day setting up for the Raeburn presentation I thought I would do today’s blog about the show.

This year the presentation was insanely amazing. We had our work cut out for us on Friday but the Raeburn team turn up in force and got the event all set up in time so it was a winner. This year Chris did another fashion first with having is presentation in the museum of London and the event was so good. When the gusts arrived they where greeted by six giant inflatable squirrels that lined the reception.

This is just three of the squirrels that me and two other interns spent the most part of this week making and they look amazing.

After the guests where grated by the army of squirrels they where lead down stairs to the presentation where we had lined the gallery with eight fabrics that matched this sessions collection.

This room was the main presentation where all the guests got to see the whole collection in full. The models walked around the outside of the room and each model stopped on one strip of fabric.

These are just three of the outfits from the night there where many more. This year Reaburn has branched out to jersey this year and has made some really nice hoodies, t-shirts and dress’s.

The other part of the presentation was really exciting and everyone loved it. There was four 70′s style family tents set up with the spring/summer garments hanging from them. Now the really amazing part was that each garment had a sensor inside it and every time you hit a garment a light above the garment lite up and a sound was played.

All in all the event was a huge success and the night went really well.

I will be posting another blog later this week with my run down of London Fashion Week.

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One busy Blogger

11th September, 2011

I have been rather busy over the last two week with starting a placement and a few events here and there. I am feeling a bit bad that it has been a while since  posted my last blog. This post is going to be a sort of round up of what I have been up to.

Last Monday I stated a Placement with Christopher Raeburn a outerwear designer. I spoke about Raeburn in one of my last blog posted about my three designers for London fashion week “Counting Down To London Fashion Week“. In my post about LFW I spoke about Raeburn and his work now i have started my internship there I have learn’t more about Raeburn. I am working with his studio to get ready for fashion week i will be posting a blog next week about the event that is this coming Friday.

On the Friday of last week I went down to the Chelsea College Of Art and Design MA Show. The was so much talent at this show it was really good some amazing minds at work in that college. I was unable to take any pictures but I did sneak a picture of a friends of mines collection.

Jessica Chan

These are Jessica’s wonderful dress that she made for her final. Jess’s Collection is based on Crystals and she always uses natural dye’s such as henna, seeds and more then Jess screens on un reactive dye’s on so it takes away the original dye to make the prints that she uses. Jess’s work is always thought out to the last detail from the print to the cut to the fastenings of the dress’s. Jessica studied at Leeds college of Art where she did a BA in Textiles and where she developed her passion for the way she works. She also lived we me for a year so she must have got some inspiration from living with me. I have always loved Jess’s work and I think she will do really well she also has an amazing eye for fashion. She is also a fellow blogger check her out at “For All The Things I Adore…

This Thursday just gone was Vogue Fashion Night Out. Fashion Night Out is a fairly new event in London but it draws a big crowd every year. This year I saw the biggest crowd yet around London. The streets where rammed with shoppers grabbing all the offers with most stores having up to 30 % off and lots of freebee’s to get the shoppers in.

I pop in to have a look at the Johnny Cupcake store to have a look at what they had to offer. I love Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts and his shops are so much fun all decked out like a Bakery. I even managed to grab a free mini cupcake was amazing.

I had to chose the cupcake with the JC logo on it.

While there was lots of shopping evens going on there was also lots of networking events as well.

I was at Style and Then Some’s Fashion Tweet Up. The event was so that the girls who Run the Blog S.A.T.S could get to meet some of there readers and have a little networking with people. I was a really good event and I met some really nice people.

That is what I have been up to in the last two week and its just going to get busier with L.F.W starting next Friday.

I will be Tweeting like mad next week with all the exciting news that comes out before fashion week. I will also be posting a blog on Saturday about the Raeburn event.

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My two Favourite B’s

31st August, 2011

I know this sound like a very strange for a blog post but I have wanted to blog about these two B’s for a while.

The first B’s has to be the amazing BEYONCE this week has been buzzing about Beyonce has she has some new’s to share at the MTV music video awards this week. Beyonce entered the event in a stunning Lanvin Dress where she raveled he Baby bump. She stole the show before it even started and twitter was going crazy with love for Beyonce.

This is the picture that launched eight thousand Tweets a second. Beyonce is pretty much one of the biggest woman in the world at the after her Glastonbury performance she has not been out of the spot light. Also on the previous Friday she released her video for 1+1 and my god does she look amazing.

Also on the night of the MTV awards B also showed us how it was done with performing Love on Top a song from her new Album. This song is amazing like all the songs on her new album but this song brings us back to the songs B did for DreamGirls. One of the best moments was B finishing the song with trowing her Microphone on the floor and rubbing her Baby Bump for all the world to see. Jay-Z also looked extremely proud of his wife and for his unborn child.

Now that is my massive obsessive blog section about the Beyonce over and to the next unrelated B topic.

The next B that I am rather Excited about Is Back Packs. I Posted one of my dream back Packs on my blog the other week in my Growing up or Branding up Blog. I have been obsessing over Back Packs for ages and staring at people with amazing ones in the street like some crazed Back Pack stalker.

I have found a few BackPacks that are really nice I can not make up my mind which one to get.

The first one is from ASOS and the other Two are from Topman. I have seen so many Vintage BackPacks as well i want to find a really amazing one that I can wear with pride.

I know that todays blog post has been very random but I do hope you like it.

London The Fashion Capital

27th August, 2011

With last week being a very exciting week for our Capital City being named the most fashionable city in the world has raised the expectations of what is yet to come for our city. It looks like London is getting back its reputation that has be tarnished due to the resent riots. With in its own right London has a amazing reputation for being a fashion capital with the amount of talent designers that grace the city. With London now being named the most fashionable city we have so a lot to live up to and with fashion week getting closer every day I am sure that all our designers will be getting ready to impress.

I have also been thinking about what our capital has to offer in the next few coming months to keep hold of our newly appointed title.

One Brand that has so much to offer London over the next few coming months is H&M. Thursday saw H&M open there first ever in store shop at Selfridges London; with this comes some very exciting ventures for the brand. They have a few designer collaborations in the pipe line, such as a mens body wear range, designed by David Beckham. This may sound odd for Mr Beckham to be putting his skills to the fashion side of life rather then sports, but i’m sure that he has the backing of his lovely wife Victoria. The Beckham range is due to be out in February to coincide with Valentine’s day. The other very exciting collaboration has to be the Versace for H&M range that will be out in November. I’m sure that this range will live up at expectations and I have seen a sneak peek at the collection on line and I am sure that this range will fly off the rails like most designer collaborations at H&M.

With London fashion week of course London will be alive with a million and one event and show to show case the talent in the most fashionable capital of the world. Even the week before fashion week Vogue host the Fashion nights out in London with late night shopping event, press event and much more.

Also last week saw the close of the Alexander McQueen exhibition in New York With nearly over half a million people flocking to see the amazing creations of Alexanders. But at the same time it has been said that the exhibition will not be making an appearance in Alex’s (Lee’s) home country. I have seen and herd that there is Amy of tweeters and fashion kids backing a petition to bring the exhibition to the UK. I really hope that is does come to London as Alex is in my opinion one of the grates talents to come from the UK and to see his work up close and personal would be amazing.

Lets Hope that London keeps hold of its New Title for some years to come.

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Counting Down to London Fashion Week

19th August, 2011

As London Fashion Week is creeping closer and closer each day I thought I would Just do a little Blog about my 3 designer that are going to smash it this year on the runway.

London Fashion Week will be taking place from 16th September to the 21st September. As we all know it will be 5 days full off some amazing designs gracing the runways of London followed by many after show party’s.

As a menswear designer the day I look forward to the most is Menswear day. Menswear day is the last day of London fashion week and in my eyes is the best day. The three designers that I have picked as my top three are all from menswear day.

The First designers that I have picked is a quite new but I am really loving and I think this year he is going to be picked up as one of the best of menswear day.

Matthew Miller

Miller is part of the Fashion East Men Installations which will be featuring many mesnwear desingers. Miller is known for his conbination of tailoring and sportwear creating a unique byt yet wearable collection. Miller has shown at as part of the Fashion East Men Installation for the laat three sessions. I have pick out a few outfitsa from his most reasent collection.

I cant seam to find any of his recent outfits but I have found some of this fall/winter 2011 collection. As soon as his new stuff hits the runways I will be blogging it.

The next designer that I have chosen as one of my top picks for fashion week has to be Christopher Raeburn. Raeburn has both mens and womenswear collections. Raeburn is know for his ethically aware collection and his use of we worked military fabrics. Raeburn is the only designer this year showing as part of the Fashion East Men Instillation with NEWGEN sponsorship. Raeburn has also be nominated at the UKFT Export Awards as a  New Exporter and Rising Star. I have chosen a few of his garments that I love and really want.

I have seen some of Raeburns new collection and its amazing so again as soon as it hits the runway I will be blogging away about it.

The final designer that I have chosen is Christopher Shannon. Christopher is usually the second designer so show on menswear day and he is also part of the Fashion East Men Installation. Christopher’s work is more sportswear than the other two designers and I think that he is on of England’s best sportswear designers. I have always kept an eye on what Christopher is showing at every runways and he even inspired me in my second year to move over to the sports wear side. Here and three outfits from the A/W11 collection that I am really loving.

So if you are going to fashion week or watching it online look out for these three designers as I think you will love there latest collections.

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Growing Up Or Branding Up

9th August, 2011

With the new this morning of another one of my friends is having a baby you mind is thinking about how so many of my friends are growing up by having babies or getting married.

With this thought running though my mind I had a very funny conversation with one of my good friends Helen from about me and her not growing up but branding up. One of the funniest quotes from our conversation had to be “I’m ok for a baby atm but a Burberry on the other hand” and with this one quote it has fulled a blog post from me. Me and Helen have a different view of growing up we see Burberry Tench coats (for me) and Mulberry Bags (for Helen). We do not see babies and marriage we see the amazing designer clothes first and babies and marriage coming after.

But to be fair to us growing up in our eyes means a good career and money to buy beautiful things. Also we want to be in the fashion industry and you have to look good with at least one brand on you. So I thought I would do mines an Helen’s Brand wish list for the near future when we can buy all theses lovely things.

Daniel Thomas’s Branding up

So of course my number one on my wish list would have to be the Burberry Trench the Trench to beat all other Trench coats. The Burberry Trench coat screams buy me and every one looks amazing these Trench coats and it should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. The Second on my list has to be  a BELL & ROSS watch they ware just so amazing The watch that I have dreamed about owning is there black Aviation watch its just amazing. Another item I have all ways wanted is a Paul Smith bag and when I was looking on their website the other day I found this Amazing Paul Smith back pack and now I want it bad.

These have to be my top three items on my Branding wish list and there are so many more but I do not want to go on as I will be planning a bank robbery so i can buy them all.

Helen Coakley’s Branding wish list

Like me Helen has a vast list of branded items that she wished to own. Her number one that she wants and I have promised to buy her one when I get rich ha. There number one is the beautiful Alexa Mulberry Bag. The second item on Helen’s list are the classic black patent Christian Louboutin plums. These Shoes are the be all and end all of women’s black pumps as soon as your seen a girl with that red sole I know every girl wishes she was that girl with the Louboutin’s. The Third on Helen’s list has to be a stunning bit of jewellery shit girl is made about her jewellery. Helen has amazing taste when it comes to jewellery she has mentioned this ring in her blog and when u search for this ring that post comes up as well. A so the ring of chose is the Yves Saint Laurent Turquoise arty ring.

I know that this blog is very materialistic and I am not saying that mines and Helen’s eternal happiness relies on all these things but they would make our life full of pretty things.

I have also done a little bit of research into some amazing designer baby clothes and accessorizes. I know it sound crazy that you would buy your child a £300 milk bottle that they would use for like 6 mouths. But there are some amazing baby cloths with baby Dior and baby Chloe producing some really cute outfits for your baby. I know its crazy to spend that much on a baby but if I had the money and the child I defiantly would.

The images in this post are from many different sites mostly from the Brands websites.

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Mens Wear Spring/Summer 2012

1st August, 2011

It looks like the sun has come back to play for a bit, so I have been looking at Spring/Summer 12. There is so really nice collections for s/s12 and I have picked out my favorite outfits and looks from the runways.


My first trend I have seen on the catwalk is big bold prints. My guest blogger picked up on the this trend in the ‘Birds of Paradise’ blog she did while I was at glasto.

I have picked out four collections that have some amazing bold prints. The first two outfits are from the D&G runways show their prints have more of a eastern feel to them the prints are the sort of fabrics u see around Asia. The next print I have chosen are from the Givenchy runway they have gone for a massive Prides of paradise feel. The next print I have chosen is one from Viktor & Rolf they have gone for a Miami beach feel they have done this with there whole collection and I love it. The last print I have chosen is from Jean Paul Gaultier I have called this print Burning sun set. I am really liking the print on the runways at the moment and I feel this is going to be a big trend next summer.

Short Shorts

The next trend that I have picked up on is short shorts. I have seen short shorts around for a while but they are cropping up more and more and many designers have these in there collections.

I have chosen loads of different collections that have this trend in. The first picture is from bally some cream short shorts, then we have Valentino with a sporty style short shorts and then we have one of my favorite designers Dsquared2 with some denim short shorts. The 4ths pic is David Gandy from my last picture the number one male model at the moment then in a pair of Dolce & Gabbana short shorts. The 5th picture is also from one of my past blog my sportswear blog post, this outfit is from Louis Vuittons spring summer collection. The last picture is from Viktor & Rolf spring/summer collection. I’m really liking this trend and I think this trend is going to continue from this spring summer to next.

My next pick is a look the short and shirt look.

The Shirt and Shorts Combo

This look I have seen on the runways quite a few times and I a loving it.

The four outfits her are from Dolce & Gabbana, Carvens, Valentino, and Issey Miyakes. This Combo keeps cropping up in many places I feel this will be a big trend for next Spring summer and I will be rocking this outfit.

Hope you like my picks from Spring/Summer 12.

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David Gandy Vs BB from Dirty Sexy Things

26th July, 2011

I have been watching the new E4 program Dirty Sexy Things that follows the life of 8 models. One of the models on the program BB has been sparking many conversations and with the comment on the avert saying he could be the first black super male model. So I was thinking I would draw some comparisons with the top male model at the moment David Gandy.

Well first off David Gandy has been in the industry for the past 9 years and he has been the face of D&G for a very long time. He has even said himself in an interview with Jonathan Ross that we does not have to fight off other models he is at the point in his career he is not fighting off other male models he is fighting off the likes of David Beckham and Jude law. But also Gandy has paved the way for models like BB the more muscular models to make it in the industry. When Gandy joined the industry most of the male models more skinny and they where more androgynous looking.

Here is Gandy in his most famous campaign for D&G. This Campaign has given Gandy the nickname of guy in the white pants to those who do not know his name.

and this is BB take on the Famous Gandy shoot look.

Unlike the female model industry the male model industry has a wide scope of body types and you can see most of them types on the Dirty Sexy Things program. There are four male models on the program with Jay being the less tones skinny guy, Jesse the more toned skinny guy, BB the male Adonis and Rob the big muscle model. There are lots of different types of male models as different designers likes different models. Such as D&G like a male model like Gandy and BB and so do Dsquared2 like the same model. Then there are brands such as prada that like a more skinny model.

But back to Gandy Vs BB. Gandy is a well established Male model and he is at the top of this game at the moment and BB is just starting out but making his mark on the industry.

One thing that I would say is that Gandy is he had backing from some amazing people such as D&G and even Mario Testino that busted his career. Unlike Gandy BB has the backing from the E4 program this could almost hinder his career as a model as many big brands are not fond of using model that have lots of publicity surrounding them. BB is a very good model as he is an ex dancer so he knows how to use his body in shoot so he could be very big.

The other thing i would say bout BB becoming the first Black male super model I do wonder what Tyson Beckford has to say about this.

All in all I think that BB will go far but Im not sure if he will ever kick Gandy of his number 1 male model stand.

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Sports wear

25th July, 2011

I have been looking thought a lot of the runways shows today and I noticed a very big sportswear vibe running thought many collections. I have noticed over the years that many designers have been converting over to the sports wear side. This change make me happy as I am a sportswear designer and I love looking checking out what sportswear is on the runway.

One designer that I have seen over the years putting more and more sportswear into there collection is Calvin Klein. Their newest spring summer 2012 collection has a lot of sportswear outfits in it. It is a big chance from the many clean cut suits.

I have always liked the clean cut look of Calvin Klein and I love their new sportswear vibe they have going . They have a really good way of mixing sportswear with more ready to wear garments such as the tracksuit bottoms mixed with the suit jacket. One garment that I really like are the wide legged tracksuit bottoms that are in this collection they are really nice and I like how they have moved away from the slim fit tracksuit bottoms you usually see on the runway.

Another designer that are not usually associated with sportswear is Louis Vuitton but their spring summer 2012 collection has a nice sportswear feel. There has been one change to the brand and that is Kin Jones becoming the men’s style director for the brand. If this sports wear feel continues with this brand I will be very happy as there sportswear is really nice.

Again this sportswear has a clean cut look like the CK collection I think that this look is going to go down really well next summer.

It would be amazing if more designers turned over to the sportswear side this new feel to these two brands are really really nice.

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Autumn Winter 2011

21st July, 2011

So I woke up this morning freezing and its the middle of July I am sure that the English summer is well and truly over. With the cold weather it got me thinking and looking forward to Autumn Winter 11. I have spent all morning thinking about what new coat to buy ready for winter and also thinking about getting the knitting needles out and knitting myself some new jumpers. I have been checking out what the runways have for us ready to inspire our Autumn Winter wardrobes.

One brand and style of coat I have always longed for and I am thinking it is about time I buy myself one. The coat I am talking about is of course the classic Burberry trench coat I would just love one. My first point of call this morning was checking out the Burberry Prorsum A/W11 collection and as usual they have got some super amazing coats. Another amazing thing about this Catwalk was the theatrical aspect of the show they make it rain on the runways was such a good ending to the show. Check out the catwalk on the video bellow.

Here is a few of my favorites from the show. Also look out for the transparent Rain coats they all wear at the end of the show they are amazing.

Another Designer I look at every session is Y-3. Y-3 is one of my favorite designers and I have always used them as inspiration for my own work. There collection they do are a really good mix of sportswear and ready to wear. Also in this A/w11 collection there is a onsie and I am a sucker for a onsie.

One thing that i really like about y-3 is how they layer there looks and it always looks amazing. In this collection you can there is a big snow an ski wear feel to the collection and I think it works really well. I also love that Y-3 always have shorts in there collection even though its a A/W collection. Yohji Yamamoto is such a good designer and his work is always different to other collections the catwalk.

This is just a few pics from A/W11 I will be doing a few more pics in the next coming days.

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